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About TTN

TTN was formed in 1989 and is constituted as a Swiss Verein. Membership of the network is personal rather than corporate to reflect the founding philosophy of an intimate grouping of friends and colleagues rather than a large professionally managed institution.


The membership of TTN is drawn mainly from smaller tax law, accounting and trust practices with a strong international client base.  TTN has a pre-dominantly Western European membership base as it is considered important to meet regularly to exchange views and discuss new developments.


An event is hosted by one of TTN’s members. The events provide an opportunity for an exchange of knowledge and experience. They afford scope for useful contacts with leading experts in the fiscal, accountancy and trust field.


Dear Visitor,

We would like to welcome you to TTN. TTN is a multi-disciplinary association of tax, accounting and trust practitioners who have practical interest in international tax on a corporate and personal basis.

The objects of our group are to provide information and contacts with our colleagues in various international jurisdictions.

The group meets at different international locations six times per year. These meetings provide opportunities for the members to discuss matters of international tax on an informal basis. The group provides its members with strong educational support by means of the internet and newsletters.

We are grateful that the group can provide an infrastructure whereby members of the group can meet, discuss and clarify matters of an international nature.

Arturo Brook – President TTN